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European Style Pheasant Shooting

European Hunts Scheduled for 2016 -  $375 per shooter- 15 pheasants each and lunch and bird cleaning included

Saturday, February 27, 2016 (FULL. No spots available)     

-Saturday, March 5, 2016   (FULL / No spots available)

*** Contact now to reserve your spots - these hunts close at 22 shooters***  

How This Type Of Hunt Works 

 A group gathers of 11-22 shooters, the cost is for the birds that are released only, lots of shooting, minimum walking, good times and good conversation with friends and associates in a safer environment then a walking hunt sometimes allows.

Birds come sailing towards you at speeds of 40-45 miles per hour. Easy shot you say… good luck. The lead on such a flight is sometimes as much as 2 foot in front of the bird. They come out of the center location taking flight with a challenging cackle as they climb to heights of sometimes 30-50 feet in the air and if there is any wind for them to catch in their wings, then the challenge is greater. If you enjoy a duck hunt, then this is something else you will probably enjoy without the stress of getting sea sick on the boat.

You rotate around the hilltop stations and watch the retriever team in action as you make your move to the next station. The retrievers are working to bring all of the fallen birds back to the stations to be collected and cleaned.

We take a break in the middle of the hunt to enjoy some lunch and laughs before heading back to the field to do some more shooting

The hunt is 15 pheasants per shooter. The cost is $375 and this season we are throwing in the lunch for that package at no additional cost.

There are 2 European hunts on the calendar at time.  We must have at least 11 shooters to fill the stations. $50 deposit required to hold your spot. This is refundable if the event doesn’t fill.

Sign up for one today!

Time Frame for the Day:

AM hunt = 9am to noon

Lunch = noon to 1pm

PM hunt = 1pm-3pm

Shooting glasses and hearing protection are recommended.

Shot size recommended: 4 and 6 shot high brass & Modified to Improved modified Choke for your shotgun

Typical European Hunt:

Our European pheasant shoots are in a class of their own using the time honored traditions of the Kings of Europe. Now you can enjoy European style shooting, with out paying the outrageous hunt fees currently charged in England and Spain.

Pheasants are released from the hilltop, taking flight and sailing over the stations at 40-45 miles an hour. Shooters usually shoot 4 to 5 shells at each high flying pheasant. Shot size that is recommended is 4 or 6 shot. Beretta Range Guns available for rent if needed or wanted.


  • 12 bird/person shoot is only $300 each, for a total of 132- 264 birds released
  • 15 bird/person shoot is only $375 each, for a total of 165-330 birds released
  • 20 bird/person shoot is only $500 each, for a total of 222 – 440 birds released  

Must have at least 11 shooters to make a European shoot and can take up to 22 shooters per event.
The only other fee is a $6.00 restricted shooting area license if you do not have a MD hunting license.

A catered full course hot lunch is available for $18/ plate or a light picnic lunch of a sub/sandwiches, chips and drinks for $10.00/ person provided after the shoot if requested.
* Both come with a dining area to sit and enjoy your meal.
Shoots make great corporate meetings.

Your European Hunt Package includes:
ORIENTATION MEETING -introduction each shooter / introduce dog handlers and retrievers/ course map shown and first station drawing / shooter safety talk.
TRAINED RETRIEVERS - Located around the course will be dog handlers who will make every effort to retrieve all your down birds. These gun dogs are amazing to watch!
RINGNECK PHEASANTS - We offer a per shooter packages of 15, 20 or 25 birds. Since there can be up to 22 shooters, the total release will be 150 to 500 birds. The total harvest divided by the number of shooters. Typical hunt is the 15 bird package.
BIRD PROCESSING - Birds are breasted and packaged for your convenience at no extra charge.
Some shooters have shot as many as 5 1/2 boxes of shells per shoot. Most shooters should bring at least 4 boxes of shells. Of course, this will depend on which package you purchase. Shooters will wear shooting glasses, rotating at least 5 times during the shoot, giving all hunters a shot at the "hot" stations of the day.
We keep a waiting list for each shoot. Once the lists reaches 11 shooters we will have the hunt locked in the schedule. Each shooter on the list will be called and informed of the upcoming shoot. A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your name on the shooters list and will be deducted from your hunt cost.

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